Happiness: The quality or state of being happy; good fortune, pleasure, contentment, joy


I can be a happy happy girl. Some days I feel like exploding, I’m so happy. I’m a field of sunflowers, a day at the beach, Christmas morning. I can be so full of happiness, I wonder how sometimes I’m NOT full of it.


I love laughter. Big laughter, little jingle bell laughter, all kinds of laughter. In a way laughter reminds me of fireworks. Just a small spark of happiness, and then it explodes and becomes something beautiful. Aren’t people just beautiful?


Anyways, this week, your creativity prompt is…drum roll please…Happiness!!! So yes. Get out there, laugh, have some fun, and then, take photos, write about it, make a painting, use happiness to channel your creativity into something beautiful!


Lots of love,


Anything for Her: A Short Story by Noel White

I see her, the beautiful bride, walking towards me. Her face is hidden by a mask of white, but you can tell she’s smiling. Nothing could hide her vibrant merry eyes. Her lilywhite dress swishes and sways as she moves toward me, in her arms is a bouquet filled with pink and orange and happiness. She smiles sadly, as if she knows. Because she does. She’s not a little girl anymore. She’s a beautiful young lady.

Her eyes soften as she sees me, and she puts her hand on my cheek, “Aw, daddy.” Her whispers are soft with warmth. And then she kisses my cheek.

“I don’t want you to leave me.” I whisper back, trying to keep the tears in my eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere. Don’t you worry. Someday you’ll be begging to get rid of me, and YOU’LL be the one to move away.” She forced a laugh, but I saw tears in her eyes. Suddenly she was in my arms. I was careful not to move too much so that her makeup wouldn’t rub off onto my suit. “I’m scared.” She whispers into my ear. “What if he’s different on the other side of the aisle?”

“The truth is, he might be. But listen, no matter what, all he wants is your love. And it’s your choice. But love conquers all. Love isn’t an emotion-it’s a choice. So, you can choose to love him no matter what, or you can run back into my arms. And no matter what, there’ll be no judgement.”

“I’m gonna miss you.” She says softly wiping away the tears.

“Like you said, we’re not going anywhere.” I laughed softly, and kissed her forehead. “Now I think there’s a young man waiting for you down there.”

She squeezes me one last time, and slips her arm through mine, and we start down the aisle, the flower girls tossing petals before us, and the maid of honor carrying her train. And all that is running through my mind at that moment, is the thought of how beautiful my princess looks. How wonderfully beautiful she is.

We reach the end of the aisle and I squeeze her hand firmly one last time, as if reminding her that she doesn’t have to let go. But of course, she does. I watch as she stands next to her partner in crime, my new son. But I have to let her go. Because I’ll do anything for her.



Annabelle looks beautiful in her white dress, the colorful flowers in her hand are so much like her. Cheery and beautiful and soft. I would know this. Once upon a time, I was the strong arms that held her tight, whispering how I loved her into her ear. Telling her I would never leave her. Feeling her lips against mine.

Then one day that all changed. We were getting serious. I was going to purchase the ring later that week. That was when Andrew showed up. He was a friend of Annabelle’s brother, and he was hot. And apparently, he was kind, and wonderful, and everything I wasn’t. Because later that week she left me for him.

I guess it wasn’t totally her fault. There had been fights for a while. Horrible fights, that ended with one person’s emotions bloody on the floor. I said she was stupid. She said I was selfish. I said she was ugly, she said I was worse. And on and on the insults were fired, until we couldn’t take it anymore. It was a war that accomplished nothing but destruction and pain.

And now I was invited here. As if she was mocking me. Telling me I would never be hers. She looks like a princess. A beautiful, wonderful princess. But more than that. She’s always been a princess. At this moment, right now, she looks like a queen. She looks confident and happy and fearless. The way that she looked at him, it made my heart break all over again.

I don’t know what I was thinking, coming here. I don’t know why I thought she might change her mind. Because deep down, I knew she wasn’t the one for me. I’ve already begun to move on, and if I really cared for her, I would have tried so much harder to get her back. So much harder. I would have given anything for her.



I pull at my suit, while her brother laughs at me. “Relax Andrew. It won’t matter if you have a single hair out of place. I personally know that my sister loves my bedhead.”

I know he’s teasing me, so I just smile at him, and face down the aisle. Never have I felt so scared in my life. I close my eyes, and count to ten. Then I feel a jab in my side. Opening up my eyes, I see Annabelle’s brother nodding down the aisle. “Better open up, or you might miss the show.”

I catch my breath. There she is. My princess. My queen. Coming for me. Her dress sways slightly, the song on the piano beautiful and light and merry to match her mood. Her dad is staring knives into me, making me uncomfortable again, but I try to remember to focus on her.

She comes up to me, and smiles in my direction. Her dad squeezes her hand so hard that his knuckles turn white, and she kisses him on the cheek. To say goodbye. Then I realize that she’s leaving everything she knows and cherishes just to be with me.

She walks to my side, and holds her bouquet and whispers just for me to hear. “Andy, promise you’ll be there for me no matter what.”

“I promise.” I whisper back, and reach over to squeeze her hand.

“Me too. I’ll never leave you till death do us part.”
“Okay silly.” I whisper back, “Time to say the real vows.”

“That one was real!” She whispered back, trying not to laugh.

“Yeah, it was. But listen. Here’s your whole future. Are you ready?”

“No. But it doesn’t matter, because I want it anyways.”

And then I realized I would do anything for her. And she would do anything for me.


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Playlists For Creativity

Music is a beautiful thing. I love music. I love how it can control our emotions. Did you know that our hearts often synchronize to the beat of a song? There’s a song call Weightless by Marconi Union, and it is literally so amazing. It is the most calming song. In fact it is so calming that it has been known to put drivers asleep while driving.



One of my favorite quotes


THIS is why I often listen to music while writing. Or working. In fact I’m listening to music right now. Although I listen to just about anything, while I’m working or writing and I need to  focus, I usually use songs without words. And THIS is why I’ve rounded up the best soundtrack songs. Because none of them have words, yet they’re mostly familiar.

One of my favorite movies is THE DARK KNIGHT. And one of the reasons why it’s one of my favorites, is because of the MIX of music and film. A great movie isn’t just the film guys. The music plays a huge part. That’s why movies without a lot of music seem really awkward.


Music 3

One of my favorite quotes


I wonder what would happen if our lives had theme music. Like what if I was just talking to a random guy, and some romantic music started playing, and I was like, “Whoa. He’s the one.”? Or what if  someone snuck up behind you, and right as they jumped on you, there was a huge blast of music? (I would die. Seriously.) Okay, hold on a sec. This has to become a thing. Somebody write a story about this and send it to me. I need this so bad.

Anyways, back to topic…music is important. It can influence our moods. My music influences my writing. I love music so much. Have I already said that? Okay, somebody has to shut me up, or I’ll never stop talking about music.


Music 2

one of my favorite quotes


Anyways, I hope all of you are having an AMAZING week, and I also hope that you use this amazing playlist I created. For you. So use it. I literally love these songs. And don’t worry, because there’s a little bit of everything in there. Dark. Adventurous. Exciting. Romantic. So don’t tell me I didn’t get “your type.” although, I’m sure someone loves rock. Okay, I’m going to stop now. I should stop rambling.

Love you guys!



Creative Playlist 3

Soundtrack playlist for creativity.


Journaling Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, and happy happy day. Today, I want to talk about journalism. Why? Because every great person, every creative person, should journal. It helps you sort out your thoughts. It’s hard to put your emotions into something, if you don’t know what you’re feeling.

Journaling Tips and Tricks 2

Now keep in mind these are from someone who has tried time and time again to start a journal – and failed more than succeeded. There’s something about a blank notebook that drives you to write in it. The expectation of something amazing coming out of nothing.


Tip #1 Make It Fun!

Do NOT make your journal legalistic in any way, don’t vow to write in it every day, and DON’T “dear diary” it. It’s a story, not a letter. This might be because I’m a wonderfully free spirit…but either way it makes it easier for me to stay committed. I also always always always add color. I love gel pens. I glue on bits of scrap paper, I add small souvenirs from things I’ve done, and all together just make it mine.



Get inspired and sketch!


Tip #2 Make It Yours

Okay, again, because I am a free spirit, I need my journal to be mine. I mean, why follow some utterly ridiculous format, where you always write cursive and you write legalistically and grammatically correct (I love big words, but I hate spelling them.). Not all stories are told through words. You might not be the composition book type of person. Maybe you’re the type of person who’s journal is a sketchbook, and you occasionally write, but you mostly talk in pictures. Also, I very strongly recommend decorating whatever type of notebook you are using for your journal. Make it yours.


Tip #3 Write About You

Yes. I am serious. This is probably like the most obvious thing, but what I mean, is don’t just write about what you do. Write about what you FEEL. Part of the whole purpose of journalism is discovering yourself in a new way, and you can’t do that if you just write about how you went to school every day. But also write about things that matter to you. Write about things that you have strong opinions on. Try to figure out why. Challenge yourself and your beliefs.

Quote 2

one of my favorite quotes.

Tip #4 Keep It Somewhere Easy To Find

Okay. This sounds extremely stupid, but I am serious. One time I hid my journal. And then we moved and I couldn’t find it, and I just lost it. It was incredibly depressing. You have no idea how much I rely on my journal now. And how long it takes me to put together a new one. So don’t fall for the utterly romanticized trap of hiding it somewhere. Believe me, it does you no good. Besides, whoever you’re hiding it from, won’t suspect it at all, or at least a whole lot less than if you kept hid it from them.


Tip #5 Wreck Your Journal

I hate the “my life is boring and I never have anything to write about” excuse. I mean, come on. If your life is that boring, then you need to make it more interesting. Like this: If sitting in the rain while writing in your journal gives you something to write about, then do it. If you WANT to doodle all over that page instead of writing, do it. Your journal is a reflection of you, and your doodles show that you’re bored.

Journaling Tips and Tricks 1

Have a great week guys, and write down your stories. Someday you’re going to be famous, and you’re going to want it, trust me.


Rural or Rustic

Ahhh, the farm. Great wide open spaces. Breathing the natural air. And tons of great things to photograph. Tons of inspiration. All in one crazy packed weekend. I’m just upset it’s gone.

Rural or Rustic 2

I love the farm beyond words. The feeling that I get there is so great. Just me and the junk. It feels comfortably old. It feels like home (which is not something I say often). So what makes the farm this way? What makes it feel so freeing and wonderful?



Old oil canisters at my grandparents farm in Colorado


Well to be honest, it’s partly because I never have to do any work there. I mean, besides making my bed, and occasionally watering the flowers, I never HAVE to do anything. My grandparents take care of it all for me. It’s kind of like a vacation, even though it really isn’t.


Rural or Rustic (1)

“The Old Combine” At my grandparents farm


I used to explore the farm, going on great expeditions, back when I thought it was the biggest farm in the world. I guess I’ve been going to my grandparents farm since “The Beginning of Time” and it just feels familiar.



“Rusty chains and junk” You never know what you might find.


So your creativity prompt this week is “Rural or Rustic”. Not everyone has access to a wonderful, beautiful farm to give them inspiration, but everywhere everywhere there is old stuff. What is old. How does this inspire you for this week. Maybe you write a poem about rust growing on your bike chain, or something else. Just get out there and channel your creativity.


Rural or Rustic 3

How to Get Your Work Published (For Teens)

Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday! This week, I think it would be good idea to talk about how us young people can get published…and to work on it! Nothing feels more rewarding than knowing people are reading your work. So, I’ve rounded up a list of magazines and websites that publish teen work, all here! And the best part is, that some of them pay! (Good money too.)

Published Teens

#1    Teen Ink: A Teen Literacy Magazine

Now, if you’re wondering, this magazine ONLY publishes teen work. They publish art, photos, and all kinds of writing. No matter what, you get published on their website, but the best works actually get published in their magazine. They don’t pay, but you do get the bonus of a free magazine, with your work in it! Over the course of the year, they also have great teen writing camps, so you might want to check those out!

#2   The Claremont Review

The Claremont Review is a great magazine. They publish teens from all over the world, as long as the work is in English, and are very supportive of teen artists everywhere. Their magazine is, however, only published twice a year, and so consider it prestigious is you get published. (As in you are super amazing and I wish I were you) But WARNING: You can only submit one work per year, so make sure that the work you submit is your very best, because that’s it. Any others will be declined. They pay $10 CAD per page, or $50 CAD if your artwork is on the cover.

#3    Polyphony H.S.

Polyphony H.S. is a teen literacy magazine that is only published once a year. Again, this one is very prestigious, and if you get published in it I am automatically jealous. Polyphony is completely published by teens. Even the editors are teens. Basically, this is THE magazine. They don’t pay, but it is still really really cool to be published there.

#4   Canvas

Canvas publishes anyone and everyone 13- 18 years old…which makes sense because their motto is “for teens, by teens” Which I think is pretty cool. They don’t pay, but again, it’s a really cool magazine.

#5   One Teen Story

One story is currently seeking literary fiction short stories. It is formatted as a contest, and the winners get published

#6    Ember

Ember is a semi-annual journal of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction by writers ages 10-18. They publish flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction. They pay 2 cents per word, or $20 per work, whichever is more.

#7   The Apprentice Writer

The Apprentice Writer publishes prose, poetry, or photography. They are looking for the best written work and photography by high school students. They don’t pay

 Work Published Teens

And that’s it. A collection of magazines that publish teens. I would love to hear back from you, and if you could let me know if I missed anything, that would be AMAZING! Thanks guys!

Big Blue Deep

We all know that water is important. Over 71% of the Earth’s surface area is covered in water. But water is more than just our main source of hydration and a necessary natural resource. Water has emotion. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

Water can be calm.


Hidden in the redwoods, this area was deserted.

Water can be beauty.


Rushing waters come from the waterfalls in Yosemite National Park

Water can be sadness.



Beach near San Diego, CA


Water can be happiness.


Beach 33

Beach near San Diego, CA


Water can be power.



Waterfall in Yosemite National Park


Water can be love.



Beach near Taylor Swift’s house in Rhode Island


But water can also be hate and destruction. Hurricane Harvey is currently attacking the southern USA, destroying mercilessly.  It is causing pain for many people, causing hatred and death.

Yet I love water. I’m a competitive swimmer. That’s the great thing about water; it shows how everything great, everything wonderful, everything amazing and necessary can have good and bad sides to it. Every good person has an deep dark side.

And that’s the truth about water. It can be great, and it can be horrible. But it’s there. Always. That’s part of what inspired one of my latest poems, Drowned. The fact that water is tears; well cried tears. 

So this week, get inspired by water. Get inspired by the rain, by the ocean, by the drips coming from your shower, by Hurricane Harvey. But most of all, be inspired by how it makes you feel.

Big Blue Deep.PNG



By TeenWriter

She stored her emotions,

All in her soul.

And deep down inside,

She was in hell.

Behind that painless face,

Was a battle;

A war waged inside.

You saw a sample.

When the floodgates opened

The tears poured,

Her heart was broken,

It spilled on the floor.

They created an ocean,

A dark blue.

No one to catch her,

And so she fell through.

No one could see her,


And no one remembered,

No one saw her clinging.

She drowned in those tears,

That she made.

She was another image,

That faded away.

First blog post

A few years ago, I was complimenting one of my friends on her dancing, and I said, “Your dancing is more than a sport, it’s an art.” And she got confused and a little mad at me for saying that dancing wasn’t a sport. So I think I may need to clarify this. Something can be a sport AND an art. Just because something is an art doesn’t mean that you don’t put a lot of work and dedication into it. In fact it usually means the exact opposite. Most artists work hard at their passions.


So this is the big question: What is art? Well let’s start with the dictionary definition first:

Art: human creativity or skill; any specific skill or ot’s application; any craft or its principles; a branch of learning. The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

That probably cleared it up a lot, but here’s my breakdown: Art is something that the artists is passionate about. Art is being able to put feeling into your skill. Art is anything beautiful or appealing to human nature. Anything can be art.

Now to the big point: All of us are artists. And us teens have a lot to be passionate about. You could make ballet, or poetry, or crafting, or art, or photography, or even football an art.

Football Edited

It just has to be beautiful, appealing, of great significance to YOU. So I may write poetry that you might think is silly, but someone else could get it. I could write a story that’s stupid to some people, and great to others.


And We Are Teen Artists is dedicated to encouraging art among teens. So some days I might post some poetry, or some creative prompts, or just my favorite quotes, all to keep your creative genius flowing.


The truth is that no matter what age you are, you are capable of feeling, capable of loving something enough to make it an art, and although most places only publish art by adults, this blog only publishes art only by teens. So enjoy, and if you ever want to be published email us at teenartistsblog@gmail.com, to submit YOUR art. YOUR paintings, poetry, writing, music, dance videos, whatever your art is, we’re here for you.