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TeenWriterProtraitHi! My name is TeenWriter, and I love writing, hence the name. I will be writing most of the posts, again, because I am the one that loves writing, but the others contribute as well. I have been published several times, and I love, love, love reading. I love reading almost as much as I love writing!


Hi, I’m TeenMusician. I’m dedicated to music. I can play piano and pretty much anything that resembles a guitar. My other hobbies include football and engineering. (Yes, I still play with Legos©)


TeenPhotographerPortraitHi! My name is TeenPhotographer. No matter where you find me, I always have a camera by my side. I take most of the photos for the blog. My other hobbies are gymnastics, pestering my older siblings, and I have a particular soft spot for art too.