How to Get Your Work Published (For Teens)

Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday! This week, I think it would be good idea to talk about how us young people can get published…and to work on it! Nothing feels more rewarding than knowing people are reading your work. So, I’ve rounded up a list of magazines and websites that publish teen work, all here! And the best part is, that some of them pay! (Good money too.)

Published Teens

#1    Teen Ink: A Teen Literacy Magazine

Now, if you’re wondering, this magazine ONLY publishes teen work. They publish art, photos, and all kinds of writing. No matter what, you get published on their website, but the best works actually get published in their magazine. They don’t pay, but you do get the bonus of a free magazine, with your work in it! Over the course of the year, they also have great teen writing camps, so you might want to check those out!

#2   The Claremont Review

The Claremont Review is a great magazine. They publish teens from all over the world, as long as the work is in English, and are very supportive of teen artists everywhere. Their magazine is, however, only published twice a year, and so consider it prestigious is you get published. (As in you are super amazing and I wish I were you) But WARNING: You can only submit one work per year, so make sure that the work you submit is your very best, because that’s it. Any others will be declined. They pay $10 CAD per page, or $50 CAD if your artwork is on the cover.

#3    Polyphony H.S.

Polyphony H.S. is a teen literacy magazine that is only published once a year. Again, this one is very prestigious, and if you get published in it I am automatically jealous. Polyphony is completely published by teens. Even the editors are teens. Basically, this is THE magazine. They don’t pay, but it is still really really cool to be published there.

#4   Canvas

Canvas publishes anyone and everyone 13- 18 years old…which makes sense because their motto is “for teens, by teens” Which I think is pretty cool. They don’t pay, but again, it’s a really cool magazine.

#5   One Teen Story

One story is currently seeking literary fiction short stories. It is formatted as a contest, and the winners get published

#6    Ember

Ember is a semi-annual journal of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction by writers ages 10-18. They publish flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction. They pay 2 cents per word, or $20 per work, whichever is more.

#7   The Apprentice Writer

The Apprentice Writer publishes prose, poetry, or photography. They are looking for the best written work and photography by high school students. They don’t pay

 Work Published Teens

And that’s it. A collection of magazines that publish teens. I would love to hear back from you, and if you could let me know if I missed anything, that would be AMAZING! Thanks guys!

Big Blue Deep

We all know that water is important. Over 71% of the Earth’s surface area is covered in water. But water is more than just our main source of hydration and a necessary natural resource. Water has emotion. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

Water can be calm.


Hidden in the redwoods, this area was deserted.

Water can be beauty.


Rushing waters come from the waterfalls in Yosemite National Park

Water can be sadness.



Beach near San Diego, CA


Water can be happiness.


Beach 33

Beach near San Diego, CA


Water can be power.



Waterfall in Yosemite National Park


Water can be love.



Beach near Taylor Swift’s house in Rhode Island


But water can also be hate and destruction. Hurricane Harvey is currently attacking the southern USA, destroying mercilessly.  It is causing pain for many people, causing hatred and death.

Yet I love water. I’m a competitive swimmer. That’s the great thing about water; it shows how everything great, everything wonderful, everything amazing and necessary can have good and bad sides to it. Every good person has an deep dark side.

And that’s the truth about water. It can be great, and it can be horrible. But it’s there. Always. That’s part of what inspired one of my latest poems, Drowned. The fact that water is tears; well cried tears. 

So this week, get inspired by water. Get inspired by the rain, by the ocean, by the drips coming from your shower, by Hurricane Harvey. But most of all, be inspired by how it makes you feel.

Big Blue Deep.PNG



By TeenWriter

She stored her emotions,

All in her soul.

And deep down inside,

She was in hell.

Behind that painless face,

Was a battle;

A war waged inside.

You saw a sample.

When the floodgates opened

The tears poured,

Her heart was broken,

It spilled on the floor.

They created an ocean,

A dark blue.

No one to catch her,

And so she fell through.

No one could see her,


And no one remembered,

No one saw her clinging.

She drowned in those tears,

That she made.

She was another image,

That faded away.

First blog post

A few years ago, I was complimenting one of my friends on her dancing, and I said, “Your dancing is more than a sport, it’s an art.” And she got confused and a little mad at me for saying that dancing wasn’t a sport. So I think I may need to clarify this. Something can be a sport AND an art. Just because something is an art doesn’t mean that you don’t put a lot of work and dedication into it. In fact it usually means the exact opposite. Most artists work hard at their passions.


So this is the big question: What is art? Well let’s start with the dictionary definition first:

Art: human creativity or skill; any specific skill or ot’s application; any craft or its principles; a branch of learning. The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

That probably cleared it up a lot, but here’s my breakdown: Art is something that the artists is passionate about. Art is being able to put feeling into your skill. Art is anything beautiful or appealing to human nature. Anything can be art.

Now to the big point: All of us are artists. And us teens have a lot to be passionate about. You could make ballet, or poetry, or crafting, or art, or photography, or even football an art.

Football Edited

It just has to be beautiful, appealing, of great significance to YOU. So I may write poetry that you might think is silly, but someone else could get it. I could write a story that’s stupid to some people, and great to others.


And We Are Teen Artists is dedicated to encouraging art among teens. So some days I might post some poetry, or some creative prompts, or just my favorite quotes, all to keep your creative genius flowing.


The truth is that no matter what age you are, you are capable of feeling, capable of loving something enough to make it an art, and although most places only publish art by adults, this blog only publishes art only by teens. So enjoy, and if you ever want to be published email us at, to submit YOUR art. YOUR paintings, poetry, writing, music, dance videos, whatever your art is, we’re here for you.